The Decisive Moment

The Decisive Moment - 2008

In this series I worked with the basic existential premise that we are all mortal. The staged photographs became a play with the idea of a ​​"the decisive moment", both in the photographic tradition, but even more as an existential relation to agency, reflection and decisions.

In the series, the wire trigger becomes the symbol of the here and now, of making a dicision. In the case of photography, that moment is exactly when you pull the trigger, release a mechanism which opens the shutters and give light to the creation of an image.

This is a moment of decision, of agency, decisions that shape the direction of our lives. We did it before Henri Cartier-Bresson formulated the phrase "the decisive moment" as his documentary photographic motto, long before photography was invented. We seal our fate by the decisions we make, often in the moment – ​​the decisive moment!