EVERY EXHIBITOON HAS A THEME and a story that is told through viraraty of art works

i think of  each piece in an instakllation as a part of a poem 

All These Bright and Hazy Mornings 


Triptykon of Disbelief - The Earth Says Hello

Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund 2020

Death to the Death Star -

I don´t Want to Move to Mars 

Udstillingsstedet Staldgade 74, 2019

Unkown Malware Delivered

Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund 2018

There Are No More Dolls In The Closet

Only A Respirator

Schiller palais, Berlin 2017

Even with my hands above the covers,

I am the most dangerous on my way

Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund 2016

Homo Carnõsa

Gallery Fagerstedt 2016

The Day Made Everything Change

Black Box Gallery, Copenhagen, 2012

Woke Up Sticky